The Crystal Story

The Crystal Story

The story about crystals has many versions and legends, dating back to the beginning of the human race.  Many civilisations and peoples have used crystals for a myriad of purposes – healing, protection and powerful initiations.


Legends of the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis tell us that crystals generated power for entire cities, provided healing and offering a form of teleportation across continents.  The highly evolved inhabitants of these civilisations were able to channel and harness the cosmic forces through the use of these power crystals and would use them as beacons of light which would act as telepathic communicators with their universal forefathers.  When this sacred knowledge was abused and misused by the egocentric few, the wise ones programmed certain crystals with this sacred knowledge and re-materialised some of them back in to the earth, and sent others off to other continents of the world where they could be in safe keeping, trusting that when the time was right, these crystals would re-emerge and provide a path to ascension for the human race. 

When the survivors of Atlantis moved to Egypt, Tibet and South America it is believed they continued to use the power of crystals and crystalline frequency to build pyramids and temples.  It is thought that crystals were used in the caps of the pyramids to channel cosmic forces into the pyramids, and then into the planet. 


     In this modern age, crystals are viewed in many different ways.  For some, they are pretty rocks which adorn their homes in radiant beauty; for others, they are integral in their healing and meditation practices, and for protection in home and work; and for others, they are great sources of light and energy, for “travelling” to and communicating with beings from other dimensions, and connecting to the All that Is.


The power and potential of crystals cannot be understated.  They are one of the main contributors to the New Age, and our journey to a higher frequency and vibration, to our Lightbody, to truly be ONE with ALL.  The ancient crystals have been re-activated, as it is time for the human race to move forward in their evolution and growth.  These power crystals remain hidden, but transmit their frequency, their energy, their voice to those crystals which are present and visible and available for us to have physically in our lives.


When you connect to the crystals you are drawn to and which draw you in, you tap in to the energy of the crystalline world, the cosmos, the Universe.  It is a matter of making a conscious connection and allowing the scared knowledge to flow into your Being and to remember who and what you truly are!


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