Harnessing The Power Of Crystals

Harnessing The Power Of Crystals

When you buy a new crystal, what is your intention for it? What do you do with it? How do you harness the energy of it, or co-create with it?

Did you read in a book or online about the properties of a crystal/crystals and thought “that is just what I need”? Did you just happen to pass a shop or market or expo stall and something caught your eye? If that latter is the case, why did it catch your eye? And when you get your new treasures home, what do you have to do with them so that they can help you manifest your needs and desires.

In all cases, I suggest that you sit with your new treasure, either in meditation if that is your thing, or just in a quiet peaceful spot, soft music playing, or outside in nature, listening to birds singing, trees and their leaves moving gently in the breeze, or a waterway or ocean, listening to the sound of the water as it moves through its journey. 

Hold and/or look at your crystal deeply. Feel into it’s energy, with your eyes and with your heart. Connect with it on a soul level. In doing so, you align your frequency and vibration with that of the crystal.  

I personally don’t resonate with the idea that crystals take on energies of the people who touch them before they come into your life, so I do not believe in the concept of “cleansing” a crystal. I do, however, feel that the practice as described above, does join you and your crystal in your own personal and profound relationship. However, this is your journey with your new treasure, so if you wish to wash it, put it in the moonlight or any other ritual, then do so, because it feels right and perfect for you, but not from fear that it has picked up someone else’s energy!

As you sit with your crystal, ask it how it would like to work and co-create with you. And take note of any and all responses you have.  Whether it is vision, or hearing, or knowing, or feeling, or smelling, or a twitch in your big toe!!  Any and all of these are relevant. Write your responses down and note the date (so that you can reference back and see how you journey with this crystal).

Different shapes of crystals may evoke different messages for you or align you with the energy of a past life:-

  • A palm stone or harmonizer rods may wish to sit with you in meditation, to help you disengage more deeply from the outside world as you travel inwards or outwards. The type of crystal may take you deep within, whereas another may take you out into the cosmos, or into shamanic vision.
  • You may be guided to make a staff or wand from a crystal. If you are guided to do this, ask the crystal why? Are you to work with this staff or wand in a particular way – healing, or sending deep and loving energy into earth and the world? 
  • Are you guided to put your crystal on an altar, in your sacred space, on a shelf so that it can just share it’s glorious beauty with you and fill your heart with joy every time you look at it?
  • Perhaps a grid is required – they are a very good way to work with your crystals because you can set your intentions, co-create the grid itself and then leave the grid and its crystals to do their work. (And a grid can be comprised of as little as 2 crystals!)
  • Or a gem elixir is appropriate, so that you can absorb the power of the crystals deep into your Being.
  • Are you to carry your crystal with you as you walk through your daily life, for protection from bombarding energies?

As I sit and write this article, I am being shown a group of crystals, mostly clear quartz, which are being aligned in a half circle so that the creator of this grid can sit within it, align their energy to those of the crystals, and sending healing energy out into the world. What a profound vision! Whoever you are who reads this and resonates with it, please know that this is important work for you!!

Whatever you are guided to do, that is what is perfect for you. As I have said above, this is YOUR journey – so allow your new friends to travel with you and help you create an energy, a space, a vibration that is all about YOU and your harmony, balance and serenity.

Written by Angie Gregorich

Originally published ShineYourLyght Magazine 2019

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