Crystal Skulls - An Evolution of Love and Enlightenment

Crystal Skulls - An Evolution of Love and Enlightenment

Crystal skulls come in many shapes, minerals and sizes.  They are placed into categories of ancient, old and contemporary.  The history of crystals skulls goes back aeons to the ancient tribes all over the Earth.  They have been used in rituals and by the shamans for many reasons, such as healing, communication with the ancestors and the stars, for information for the good of their culture and as keepers of memory and information.

The crystals skulls work together, downloading information and connecting and sharing it with each other.   Just as crystal itself is used as a transmitter and receiver, this is exactly how the skulls also work.

In skull form, they represent communication, knowledge, wisdom and mind power and resonate with us as we are now incarnated in human form.  The skull is the symbol of LIFE – not death or danger, as has been portrayed by those who have wished, through the ages, to have power over, and instil fear into, people.

The skulls also show us that beneath the flesh of our physical body, we are all the same – colour, race, creed or gender do not matter.  We all have a skull which houses a brain, and our facilities of thought, memory and communication, our thinking mind.  We see, hear taste and smell, all because we have those components in our skull.  Skulls are a symbol of oneness and wish to help unite us consciously around this beautiful planet Earth, from which they themselves resonate as part of the mineral kingdom, or natural products derived from the Earth and its inhabitants.

When you purchase or receive a skull, whether it is made from crystal,       mineral, wood, bone or other natural material, know that it works with the same intention, which is to help us as we raise our vibration and continue our journey of illumination and enlightenment, awakening of the body, mind and spirit to the knowing that resides within, and realisation of the fact that we are divine Beings ourselves.

The skulls also are a tool or instrument of channelling information from spirit, ancients, star peoples, angels and past caretakers (past care-takers would normally be attuned with the old or ancient skulls).

The skulls are able to be activated and worked with in ritual, grids, medium-ship and working with the ley lines of the Earth and the many planets of our Universe and beyond.

By raising your own vibration through meditation and spiritual unfoldment, your skull will awaken with you and enhance the journey, helping and guiding you with the stored information it has in it from other skulls, from the mineral kingdom, and more.

Attending gatherings of skulls and their caretakers is beneficial, as the skulls love working together and collaborating.  They download much information from each other and from those “invisible” energies working with us, and will often weigh heavier for a short time after working this way.  This has been proved by actually weighing the skulls before and after a gathering or event.

You will also download information into your cellular being, and it is always good to remember to rest and allow yourself time to process what has been given.  You may or may not have a conscious memory of what has been downloaded, depending on what is for your highest good at the time.  Working actively with the skulls brings this memory to the surface, especially when channelling or meditating.

Skulls often like to share caretakers.  Many people purchasing a skull will often co-caretake and this gives the opportunity for the skull to attend many different events and connect with many other skulls also.

Be aware that when a skull comes to you, it has found you the person (or  people) that it resonates with, wishes to work with, at this time, even though you may yourself not even be aware that you are doing anything in particular.

The skulls often rest, in meditation or appear asleep, hibernating.  Whilst they do this, they are often working ethereally or connecting with other skulls or people around the planet.  You will get to know when a skull is awake and active and calling you to work, or just touch or be with, and they very quickly become part of the family.

Why caretakers—not owners?  The skulls are free spirits.  They have a job to do and you are their arms, legs and vocal chords.  When a skull picks you,  it may not be forever.  That skull may then go to another caretaker, to do further work for whatever reason.  You may exchange the skull for money or some other energy, or simply feel the desire to gift it to another.

As the ancient skulls have had many caretakers through the centuries, so do the old and now contemporary skulls.  They often move around the globe from caretakers, sharing the energy and information and sharing the love and joy that skull caretaker-ship can bring.

There are many groups of skull caretakers around the planet, and many   gatherings and events going on continually.  Always trust your instinct,        surrender the ego and do what resonates with you.  The possibilities of meeting amazing people and having wonderful adventures that you never dreamed of all come true when you are a skull caretaker, if you choose to be open to this, or you may simply love having your skull around you for company.

The skulls consider themselves one, a unit, one skull with many facets,  whether origin unknown and ancient or not of this world, or the little skull you may have purchased from the crystal stall.  The skulls are here to share and work together to assist the raising of the vibration of Earth and its inhabitants.  You should not judge one skull against another, simply enjoy the energy it gives to you and know that they themselves are a web of love around the planet.

The skulls sit together, smiling and happy, loving to work together when we set them up in meditation grids.  The smile and greet each other, no judgement, only loving acceptance honouring each other.  Each skull is different, in colour, in shape, in size, in origin, but they sit as one, sharing and loving the energy of giving and receiving.  Perhaps is the great secret of the mystery of the crystal skulls—that there is no secret at all, that is as plain as the nose on our face—we are the skulls, we are one, we are all Source energy, we are Light, we are illumination.  Blessings to all.

Written and shared by ShirleySienna at Divining Me

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We, the crystal kingdom, present to you the crystal skulls—bringers of        information regarding your transcendence into the new dawn.

It is not an age - it is a new dawning experience, of realising the power of your own being.  We are of love and light; we have knowledge and information that exudes all that is relative to the human race which is why we are carved in your likeness.

It is for your assimilation that we create ourselves..yes..create ourselves through the carvers and moulders of earth. They are our instruments of to speak..the lord made mankind they replication of himself..whether or not this be true..the skulls replicate the human..without clothing, hair or flesh..we replicate..we are life..not death..there is no death..just ongoing eternal illumination..we speak to you as yourself..through simple communication and energy of life, understanding and tolerance, compassion and growth through learning, receiving and transmitting of information and energy from other forms of life - whether extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional, angel or spirit; and always from the mineral kingdom from which we ourselves are made.

It matters not where who or why..simply that we are;  believe that you can communicate and download energies and new information and frequency from is fact..which is you say stranger than fiction..the skulls.. represent..mind power..knowledge,  information, new and storage of memory, communication and human-ness..humankind and humanity.

This is the message from the conglomerate of the mineral kingdom and crystals skulls..whatever shape or form or type—we are one.    This is the message.



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