Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are charged crystals that are placed in a geometric pattern to help manifest beauty into your life.  Whether it be love, abundance, peace, prosperity, creativity, health and more, they are lovely to have in your home, office, in the garden or in creative or sacred space.   The key to manifestation is intention and gratitude. 

The crystals can be placed on a geometric grid, or into your own intuitive shape.  Using sacred geometry is powerful, as it is the Universe’s language, and can create amazing and beautiful patterns of colour and energy.  However, you can do grids in whichever shape or design you like.  Just placing 2 or 3 crystals into a shape that you guided to is creating a grid.  It is all about the intention you set for your grid, and going with the energy and vibe of the crystals you are creating your grid with.

When setting your intentions for your grid, be mindful that this is something you are creating for yourself.  We cannot interfere with someone else’s journey or destiny.  Be very clear in what it is that you wish to manifest. 


Spirals, Infinity Symbol (Lemniscate), Metatron’s Cube, the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life, Merkaba, Vesica Piscis (2 overlapping circles), Pentagrams, Stars and more.


Always chose the centre stone, I call this the master crystal. This crystal will be the communicator and should hold quite a lot of energy as it will be communicating all around the other crystals in the grid and the geometric pattern. Clusters, pyramids, generators, merkaba, spheres etc are ideal for this job.

Then choose the crystals you wish to add to the outer circles.  These crystals are those which represent your intention – i.e citrine, tiger eye, jade, moss agate for prosperity.

Clear quartz points are also a desirable addition to your grid, as they are energy amplifiers.

You can use an activation wand if you wish, although I personally do not. This will be the crystal you direct your intentions and love to.   For communication reasons try to have a wand that is the same as one of the crystals in the grid.  

A piece of paper with your intention written on it.  * If doing a distance healing, it is useful to have a photo of that person in the centre of your grid under the master crystal.   If not, the person’s name and date of birth written on a slip of paper in the centre is also fine.


Usually best in a quiet corner of the home, or if you have an alter or sacred space, or peaceful place, the grid will be lovely to sit there. Use the same area for prayer, meditation, incense and all things spiritual and love. Some research suggests placing the grid in the North area for a stronger energy field but go with what you intuitively feel is right for you.


So your grid is set up, just awaiting the charging and input.

Take 5 minutes to ground yourself, relax and meditate. This lets the brain go into Alpha brainwaves, almost like touching your subconscious which helps clear your mind and give you focus and allow the intuition to flow.

To activate your grid, first hold your wand, then state your affirmation, something short and basically what you want the grid to be used for. It must be a positive affirmation ie: ‘I will make the correct career choice’.   As you do this, fully focus and visualise the outcome you want. These thought forms will resonate at the correct vibration to help activate your grid. After this, have a moment of fully accepting your intentions to be true. Use all your senses to feel the emotion, visualise and to really feel it to be ‘true’.   What does it feel like to have manifest exactly what you want/need in your life right now?  After a few minutes, let go of the wand and let the grid energy take over. The energy around your grid will continue to communicate your intentions around the grid and to the universe.


Usually I leave grids active until the work is complete.  Some grids I have made ie: Divine Love,  I will keep active.  Go with your intuition, when it feels right.  Always remember to ‘thank’ your grid and the energy for assisting you.

Here it is Step by Step

  1.  Find a template
  2.  Choose your master crystal
  3.  Choose your grid crystals
  4.  Choose your clear quartz for outer circle or where you are guided
  5.  Choose your wand
  6.  Charge or cleanse crystals as you feel guided
  7.  Find grid location
  8.  Meditate, relax 5 mins
  9.  Place the master crystal
  10.  Under the master place word, photo etc
  11.  Place the crystals
  12.  Place the outer crystals
  13.  Hold the wand
  14.  Say your affirmation /intention
  15.  Feel the intention.
  16.  Love your grid. Always.
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